Hitman 4 Blood Money Game

 Hitman 4 Blood Money Game
System Requirements!
  • Windows Xp,7,Vista,98
  • Ram: 512 Mb
  • Cpu: Pentium 4
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  1. Anonymous says:

    hitman 4 password for extracting files.. reply pls

  2. As it work for 1.8Ghz cpu

  3. bower says:

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. You are just awesome ADMIN

  5. working 100 ./. awesome game you are awesome man

  6. thanks admin but i cant get speech but everything seem to run pretty well thankss in advance

  7. g.v.s says:

    it is not working for me it says that MSVCR.DLL is missing from your computer
    pls reply

  8. Pratik says:

    Pentium 3 can this run

  9. g.v.s says:

    what should i do after installing direct x latest version on my computer to run this game

  10. Abdullah Naeemullah says:

    Does it really work ?

  11. shadow says:

    how to run the game?

  12. lijo says:

    how will i download the file?

  13. agung epri says:

    Is this work in windows 8.1 .?

  14. ABIR says:

    acan it work windows7,pentum duel core2,64 bit,2.5 ghz?

  15. Fahmey says:

    how many the capacity of memory ??

  16. Harish says:

    the game is not working plzz. feedback

  17. aravind asok says:

    Is this game will work on Pentium R dual core..?????

  18. Mac says:

    Thanks for the game. How do I get the voices to work?

  19. aravind asok says:

    The voices are not working

  20. faisal says:

    How much graphics need to work this game….AMD 1GB Graphics?????

  21. sanches says:

    How could i use this .rar file to play the game ?
    Any one plzz help

  22. ashish kumar says:

    After installing game when I start the game it says that MSVCR71.DLL is missing… What shall I do….

  23. febi n says:

    alhamdulillah lancar min. 😀

  24. Arnab says:

    When we download the file for the game by clicking on the blue button is it about 280 mb someone please tell and help me

  25. rajesh says:

    how to download this game plz give link

  26. Anjana Sarkar says:

    does it works for 1.7 ghz

  27. anonymous says:

    intel core 2 duo is better than pentium 4 ?

  28. Homself says:

    Admin if possible.Can plz post link of a new Hitman game like Hitman:Absolution . Me and friends would appreciate it.

    Hope u will reply

  29. derrick says:

    is that where it ends

  30. Vansh Bhradwaj says:

    how to download this game please tell me?

  31. Ben says:

    what is the size of the game?

  32. Axel says:

    What happen to Hitman Contracts? Where is game now. Could you please re-upload that game please.

    Thanks in advanced.

  33. Kiran says:

    are there any really cool highly compressed games instead of hitman 4, under 600mb

  34. Kiran says:

    plz answer

  35. Hitmenman says:

    sound not working :/ any suggestions? oh and also is this already the latest patch? I downloaded the latest patch but i don’t know if that has anything to do with the sound.

  36. abdul nabeel says:

    it work windows 7 32 bit

  37. Rahul says:

    admin plzz help i will be very happy man plzz

  38. Nathan says:

    How do you install the game?

  39. utkarsh says:

    Please upload Hitman absolution.??

  40. Bandana says:

    We want hitman absolution….
    Plez upload

  41. ashutosh jain says:

    i need battelfield1 activation code plz help me out

  42. anonymous says:

    MSVCR71.dll is missing from my computer as it says … I cant open the .exe file help me please

  43. sabariraj says:

    hitman is not working in windows 7 ultimate 64bit…

  44. utkarsh says:

    Please upload Hitman 2016

  45. Rohan says:

    Does it have sound….I downloaded this game from all type hacks which is 270 mb and it has no sound

  46. asim says:

    hitman 4 would work with cpu: AMD a4?

  47. plzzz says:

    Please uplode hitman absulaion

  48. yash says:

    Why you removed this game from site i can not download this game plz fix my problem

  49. Rethik Justine says:

    Will this game work for 32-bit PC??

  50. hasnain says:

    this web site is amazing.i have downloaded about 350 games for my friends.

  51. Anukalp says:

    Does it work for windows 10?

  52. sonu says:

    when i have downloaded it and try to extract it says no archieve is found, and unknown format or damage file. plz reply and help me out ,i downloaded it through IDM

  53. sonu says:

    and after download the file size is about 276.80mb

  54. pratikpatel says:

    Requirment of hitman blood money

  55. tahir taas says:

    WTF,,i have been searching for the download link but could not do so…when i click the blue download button another tab is open and ask for add extension,,,somebody help me plz

  56. Sara says:

    Hi admin
    I not see download link

  57. ayaannnn says:

    what do yo mean by huge dupe

  58. Annonymous says:

    I have no music or speech during missions????

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