Playstation 3 Emulator PCSX3

Playstation 3 Emulator PCSX3 Download!
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  1. wdqwd says:

    will it work

  2. Paras says:

    It depends on your hardware and GPU.

  3. plabon says:

    can you explain it?? My pc is intel (r) pentium (r) 2.60 ghz with 2gb ram. can i run it?

  4. Reagan Bobga says:

    I have a computer that have 2 gic. of ram.. video card of 512 and Intel R pentium R duo core 3.40 gigahertz. can I run PS 3 games

  5. Rajvinder brar says:

    My computer have 4 GB ram 2 GB graphic card Windows 8.1 32 bit please tell me that can i run this software?

  6. Ayush says:

    My computer have 8gb ram 2.5gb graphic card windows 10 64bit please tell me that i can run this software

  7. Kuldeep says:

    i5 8gb ram gt 610 graphic card can i run wwe 2k16,2k17 on ps3 emulator in hd

  8. avinash says:

    i have intel i5 2320
    4gb ddr3 ram
    gtx750ti ddr5 2gb
    can i run ps3 games smoothly?

    • Louis G says:

      most likely not smoothly, but should run games. but I must add your pc is good enough to run most games on ps3, and probably 20 – 25fps on gta5

  9. shoaib says:

    it is not working please help me

  10. shoaib says:

    i have 2gb graphic card windows 7 32 bit

  11. bbb says:

    from where to download ps3 games plz. give link

  12. Manish says:

    I have 2gb ram will it work

  13. Srion panigrahi says:

    I hav 8 GB RAM, internal graphics, 3 GHz g3020 processor….will it work?

  14. Vikalp Bajpai says:

    I have intel i5 windows 10 64 bit 2gb ram will ps3 emulator run on my pc.

  15. Prasanna says:

    can it work core i3 5th gen 12gb ram nvidea gforce 930m 2gb

  16. Alfan says:

    AMD a8 RAM 4gb bisa bang /?

  17. anu says:

    I Am having
    intel i3 1gb graphic card 2.93 ghz processor 2gb ram
    will it work

  18. Neel says:

    Is this a latest version which was releasing on 12 jan

  19. Anuj says:

    2.5 gb ram,1 gb graphic card and intel core 2 duo processor will it work on my pc

  20. arsh says:

    i have c2d processor 2.20 ghz and nvidia gtx 1070 can i play god of war

  21. TExt PRANK says:

    bisa gak

  22. David says:

    Intel i7 6th gen,
    16gb ram,
    4gb amd radeon,
    will it work for me

  23. sid says:

    where is ps3 games download link

  24. amey says:

    Does this emulator needs bios.

  25. Rahul says:

    My computer have 4gb ddr3 ram windows 10 64bit 1 GB Intel HD graphics and Intel Pentium G3240 3.1 ghz processor will it work for me

    • Louis G says:

      probably not, 2 – 5 fps on games, mainly due to your 1gb of video memory. but if I’m honest everything needs to be better to run more than 12 – 15fps on most games.

  26. zk durrani says:

    hi my pc have 6gb ram 1gb amd redeon7500 series graphic card win10 64bit. can i run it..?

  27. Tushar says:

    Does it run 2.16 gh intel celeron and 2 gb ram 1 gb graphics card windows 8.1

  28. deepak says:

    does it work in 4gb ram core i3 in windows 8.1 64 bit

  29. deepak says:

    yes i have 1gb vedio card

  30. deepak says:

    i have intel(R)core(TM)i34005u cpu1.70ghz

  31. ishmeet says:

    will it work on Intel(R) core(TM) i3-4010U Windows 8 64 bit CPU @ 1.70GHz 4gb ram

  32. k.j.monish says:

    how to download games to this emulator admin please explain it?

  33. tarabuchi says:

    PS3 Emulator System Requirements
    System Requirements

    As with any program you run, it needs to satisfy the system requirements. For the PS3 emulator, you need:
    Intel(R) Core(TM) i7 CPU 920 @ 2.67GHz
    4 GB
    Free Hard Drive Space
    200 MB
    Graphics Card
    AMD Radeon HD 7970 Graphics Card or better
    Directx 11 installed
    You may notice that these system requirements requirements are very intensive but they are necessary as your system needs to be 10 times stronger than the PS3 to run the PS3 emulator. Once you are sure you can run the PS3 emulator (or if you are not, might as well give it a try)

  34. Thunder Boy says:

    I have 2gb ram so, can I run ps3 emulator on my pc?!!!

  35. rohit says:

    i have 32gb of ram intel i7 6600k with gtx 1070 8gb ram can you tell its good play game with pcsx3 or direct pc games

  36. javad says:

    where are link?????

  37. javad says:

    hey bro its really work at pc or this look any emulators is fake???
    my sistem
    ram 4
    cpu quad 2.66
    gpu gt 630 2g
    im sorry by my question

  38. Jo says:

    how to download this emulator??
    plz tell me that first

  39. Ash says:

    i have win 8.1 64bit core i3 4gb ram 1.3 GHZ will it run on my laptop

  40. sean says:

    i have 2 gb ram 355 gb hard drive core 2 duo is it will run on windows 7 professional 64 bits

  41. sean says:

    and nvidia geforce , directx 10

  42. Mrig says:

    Does pcsx3 run in 2gb ram pc? If not then tell me why?

  43. dave smidt says:

    hi have 8gb ram and graphic 2gb can i run nhl 15

  44. starboi baakope says:

    hi i have i3 3.1ghz 6g ram and 256m dx10 will it run

  45. raaghave says:

    I have i5 6th gen @3.4ghz
    8gb ddr4 RAM
    GTX 1050ti 4gb
    can I run god of war 3 ?

  46. YOUR BOSS !!! says:

    This will work on some of the systems listed but not the low spec as need at least 2gig graphics card to run well and duo core chips…

  47. Somebody says:

    i have intel pentium 2 GHZ
    intel intergrated graphics
    4 gig ram

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